Saturday, July 3, 2010

Surname Listing - STUBBS

(I'm doing so many Surname Lists because, well, there's just not much to the families I've gotten into so far. So, why not at least throw them out there, get the information on the web. It's a lesson for me to see where my holes are.)

I'm counting down my ancestral lines, moving through to 2nd Great Grandparents.... the STUBBS line.

4. Charles Ernest Loops, II (1906-1977)
5. Laura Melba Dekle (1908-1994)

8. Charles Ernest Loops, I (1875-?)
9. Eva Bell Webb (1882-1966)

16. FREDERICK CHRISTOPHER LOOPS was born on 8 Sep 1847 in Altenhagen Prussia. He died on 12 Nov 1901 in Kinston, Lenoir Co., NC. He was buried 10 on 13 Nov 1901 in St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Lenoir Co., NC.
17. AMANDA F. STUBBS was born on 29 Sep 1844 in Pitt Co., North Carolina. She was christened on 4 May 1864 in St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Lenoir Co., NC. She died in Oct 1882. She was buried 9 about 17 Oct 1882 in St. Mary's Episcopal Church,Lenoir Co.,NC.

Children of Fred and Amanda: Lelia Loops (1869-1933); Charles Ernest Loops (1875-?), Herman Loops (1878-1879), Edgar Loops (1880-?), Eva Mae Loops (1872-1957).

34. JOHN B. STUBBS was born about 1811 in North Carolina. He died in 1864. He was buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Lenoir Co., NC.
35. PENELOPE BUCK was born about 1814 in North Carolina. She died in unknown.

Child of John and Penelope: Amanda F. Stubbs (1844-1882).

As mentioned in my previous post about the STUBBS family, this is a new line for me and as of yet, I've found little information other than Amanda's father John. More to come!

If you have any information on this family, please leave me a comment!

~happy huntings