Friday, July 16, 2010

Surname Listing - PUGH

I'm counting down my ancestral lines... on to my 5th Great Grandparents.
Many of these lines I have little information on as most are in the 1700s. If the line originates already in the country of origin, I'm skipping over it. If they do not have a known last name, obviously, I am skipping it.
I am only listing those families that have American origins and the immigrant person still missing, or the family tie to the country of origin.

Today #159... Rachel Miriam PUGH

4 generations of PUGH connected through:

4. Charles Ernest Loops II (1906-1977)
5. Laura Melba Dekle (1908-1994)

8. Charles Ernest Loops (1875-?)
9. Eva Bell Webb (1882-1966)

18. George Bell Webb (1855-1914)
19. Agnes Pittman (1856-1883)

38. Francis Marion Pittman (1829-1899)
39. Louisa Mewborn (1833-?)

78. Lemuel Hardy Mewborn (1803-?)
79. Louisa Kilpatrick (1805-1870)

158. FRANCIS KILPATRICK was born about 1780
159. RACHEL MIRIAM PUGH was born on 31 May 1767.

Children of Francis and Rachel: William B. Kilpatrick (?), Mary Kilpatrick (?), James M. Kilpatrick (?), Sarah Kilpatrick (1800-?), Louisa Kilpatrick (abt 1805-1870), Warren W. Kilpatrick (1810-?)

318. HUGH PUGH was born about 1720 in NC. He died on 12 Oct 1800 in Swift Creek,Pitt Co.,NC
319. ELIZABETH BRYAN was born on 18 Feb 1736/1737. She died on 31 Jul 1812 in Swift Creek,Pitt Co.,NC

Children of Hugh and Elizabeth: Sarah Pugh (1760-1799), Louisa Pugh (1762-1824), Stephen Pugh (1765-1834), Rachel Miriam Pugh (1767-?), Lewis Pugh (1770-?), Penelope Pugh (1773-?), William Pugh (1775-1837), Bryan Pugh (1778-?)

636. HUGH PUGH was born in NC. He died on 30 Sep 1793 in Pitt Co.,NC
637. PENELOPE CANNON was born about 1689 in NC

Children of Hugh and Penelope: Argent Pugh (?), Stephen Pugh (1713-1805), Hugh Pugh (1720-1800)

1272. STEVEN PUGH died in 1720
1273. MARY.

Child of Steven and Mary: Hugh Pugh (died 1793)

If you have any information on this family, please leave me a comment!

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