Friday, July 16, 2010

Surname Listing - GROSS (Switzerland)

I'm counting down my ancestral lines... on to my 5th Great Grandparents.
Many of these lines I have little information on as most are in the 1700s. If the line originates already in the country of origin, I'm skipping over it. If they do not have a known last name, obviously, I am skipping it.
I am only listing those families that have American origins and the immigrant person still missing, or the family tie to the country of origin.

Today #180... Elizabeth GROSS

5 generations of GROSS connected through:

4. Charles Ernest Loops II (1906-1977)
5. Laura Melba Dekle (1908-1994)

10. Deroy "D.R." Dekle (1880-1958)
11. Levietta Serena "Levie" Williams (1879-1955)

22. Henry Robert Williams (1856-1936)
23. Laura Mozelle Lester (1860-1936)

44. Jefferson Godfrey Williams (1825-1903)
45. Sarah Elizabeth Brannen (1832-1879)

90. John "Jack" Brannen (1798-1870)
91. Elizabeth Donaldson (1803-?)

180. WILLIAM BRANNEN was born about 1752. He died in 1840 in Bulloch Co., Ga. He was buried in Lower Lott's Cemetery,Emanuel Co.
181. ELIZABETH GROSS was born about 1754. She died in 1853 in Bulloch Co., Ga

Children of William and Elizabeth: Solomon Brannen (1792-1864), Thomas Alexander Brannen (1792-1876), Sarah Brannen (1794-?), William B. Brannen, Jr. (1795-1841), Mary Brannen (1797-?), John "Jack" Brannen (1798-1870), Hugh P. Brannen (1800-?), Lucretia Brannen (1802-?), Cyrene Brannen (1804-?), Edmund Brannen (1806-?), Rhoda Brannen (1808-?)

362. SOLOMON GROSS was born in 1745 in North Carolina. He died in 1810 in Screven Co.,Ga
363. MARY ERWIN was born in 1770 in North Carolina.

Children of Solomon and Mary: Elizabeth Gross (abt 1754-1853), John Gross (1766-1820), Solomon Gross, Jr. (1769-1843), William Gross (1772-?), Edmund Gross (abt 1774-1831)

724. FELIX GROSS was born on 24 Mar 1714/1715 in Brutten,Switzerland
725. MAGDALENA was born about 1717.

Child of Felix and Magdalena: Solomon Gross (1745-1810)

1448. JOHN HENRY GROSS Jr. was born about 1680 in Switzerland
1449. HELENA FUTTER was born about 1682 in Switzerland.

Child of John and Helena: Felix Gross (1714/1715-?)

2896. JOHN HENRY GROSS was born in 1654 in Zurich,Switzerland.
2897. ANNE TEHR THOFNER was born about 1670 in Switzerland.

Child of John and Anne: John Henry Gross, Jr. (abt 1680-?)

If you have any information on this family, please leave me a comment!

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