Friday, July 16, 2010

Surname Listing - FORD (Ireland)

I'm counting down my ancestral lines... on to my 4th Great Grandparents.
Many of these lines I have little information on as they are moving into the 1700s. If the line originates already in the country of origin, I'm skipping over it. If they do not have a known last name, obviously, I am skipping it.
I am only listing those families that have American origins and the immigrant person still missing, or the family tie to the country of origin.

Today, #97... Hester FORD
4 generations of FORD connected through:

6. Charles Homer Young (1917-1996)
7. Harriet Anne Loveall (1922-1978)

12. Charles Edgar Young (1877-1959)
13. Orabel Brown (1892-1971)

24. William Gaylord Young (1835-1897)
25. Alice Orilla Tuthill (1848-1917)

48. George Young (died 1842)
49. Sarah Armstrong (1814-1901)

96. CHARLES YOUNG Sr was born in 1767 in Frederick Co.,Virginia. He died on 21 Sep 1840 in Mansfield,Richland Co.,OH. He was buried in Koogle Cemetery,.
97. HESTER FORD was born on 5 Jan 1775 in Maryland. She died on 14 Feb 1826 in Richland Co,Ohio. She was buried in Koogle Cemetery,Richland Co.,OH

Children of Charles and Hester: George Young (died 1842), Isabella "Ibby" Young (abt 1793-?), Henry Ford Young (1793-1864), W. David Young (1795-1863), Rachel Young (1800-1887), Sarah "Sallie" Young (abt 1802-1848), Unknown twin to Sarah died young, Charles Young, Jr. (abt 1806-1874), Hannah Young (abt 1807-?), James Young (1809-1830), Alpheus Young (1811-1890), Hiram Young (1814-1890), John Young (1816-1864)

194. HENRY FORD was born in 1748 in Virginia. He died in 1782 in Hagerstown,Washington Co.,MD.
195. RACHEL GILLAN was born in 1746. She died on 17 Apr 1822 in Richland Co,Ohio. She was buried in Koogle Cemetery,Richland Co.,OH.

Children of Henry and Rachel: James Ford (1771-1819), Hannah Ford (1773-1829), Hester Ford (1775-1826), Hugh Jesse Ford (1775-1859), John Ford (1778-1818), Robert Ford (1780-1865), Henry Ford (1782-1814)

388. EZEKIEL FORD was born in 1655 in Ireland.

Child of Ezekiel: Henry Ford (1748-1782)

776. Unknown Ford.

Children of Unknown: Ben Ford (abt 1653), Ezekiel Ford (abt 1655)

If you have any information on this family, please leave me a comment!

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