Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Family Photos - Young Family

William Gaylord Young was born in Richland Co., OH 1835. In 1875, he came to California and located in Kelseyville. He died 3 April, 1897

Home in Kelseyville

Oct 25, 1866, he married Miss Alice Orilla Tuthill, native of Illinois
She was Born 7 May 1848 - died 3 Oct 1917, in San Francisco

Orrie Ella Young
- Graduated music at Mills Collect
- Organist & Choir director at Presidio, and Hamilton Square Baptist
was a "San Francisco Musical Figure"
7 Jun 1872 - 18 Sept 1957
Never married. No Issue.

Willard Tuthill Young
- First graduating Class of Stanford
- Brinks insurance Investigator and "well-known San Francisco Baritone"
Never married. No issue.
3 Jul 1874 - 8 Nov 1957

Charles Edgar Young
- Dentist, Graduated U.C. 1905
married Orabel Brown - 3 children: William Edgarton, Helen, and Charles Homer
4 Aug 1877 - 9 Nov 1959

Arthur Howard Young
- renowned Bow-Hunter - Read Here for More Information
- traveled hunting trips to Alaska, Greenland and Alaska
- is the "Young" in Pope-Young Club & Pope-Young Awards, in bow-hunting
- married Elizabeth Shaw. Son Chuck Young

(photo from

Roy Osmond Young
- Probation officer for Juvenile's
- married Ethel. No issue
25 Sept 1885 - 10 April 1979

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Surname listing - HAINES (Ireland)

I'm counting down my son's ancestors. I've finally found new information! That Ernest S. Morgan is NOT the correct gGrand-father, he is actually Walter Scott Morgan. And he married Anne Rose STONE. Her mother was a HAYNES. So this is going back a bit, to his 2nd Great-Grandparents.

This is absolutely a work in progress - I JUST started on this family and only have online information (census and other trees) as sources.

Today.... #11... Edna Maurine HAYNES
7 generations of HAYNES/HAINES connected through:

4. Walter Scott Morgan (1912-1950)
5. Anne Rose Stone (1918 - ?)

10. JAMES ELLIS STONE was born on 27 Dec 1893 in Washington. He died in unknown.
11. EDNA MAURINE HAYNES was born on 14 Apr 1899 in Silver Creek, Nebraska. She died on 7 Jan 1973 in Central Point, Oregon

Children of James and Edna: Edna "Eddie" May Stone, (1916-?), Anne Rose Stone Morgan (1918-?)

22. LEONARD C. HAYNES was born about 1876 in Nebraska. He died on 1 Jun 1949 in Snohomish Co., Washington.
23. MAY was born in 1879/1884 in Nebraska. She died in Monroe, California.

Children of Leonard and May: Edna Maurine Haynes Stone (1899-1973), Myrtle Haynes (?), Glen Alfred Haynes (abt 1902-?), Cleo O. Haynes (abt 1900-?)

44. ALFRED LEWIS HAYNES was born about 1850 in Pennsylvania. He died on 18 Jun 1926 in Deschutes Co., Oregon.
45. MARY A TONER was born on 24 Oct 1859 in Illinois. She died on 2 Aug 1907 in Snohomish Co., Washington. The cause of death was cerebral apoplexy.

Children of Alfred and Mary: Leonard C. Haynes (abt 1876-1949), John Nathan Haynes, Sr. (1877--?), Martha Haynes (1878-?), Charles R. Haynes (1880-?), Alfred Lewis Haynes, Jr (1882-1947), Rosa Sharon Haynes (1884-?), Minnie Hope Haynes (abt 1886-?), Infant Haynes (abt 1890-1890), Nina Joy Haynes (1892-1972), Marguerite "Reta" Haynes Webb (1894-?), James W. Haynes (abt 1906-?)

88. JACKSON HAINES was born about 1828 in Pennsylvania. He died in Unknown.
89. SARAH LATIMORE was born in Nov 1823 in Pennsylvania. She died in Unknown.

Children of Jackson and Sarah: Alfred Lewis Haynes (abt 1850-1926), Lindsey Haines (1853-1931)

176. AARON HAINES was born about 1802 in Pennsylvania. He died about 1885 in Pennsylvania.
177. ELIZABETH ESTLE was born about 1802. She died before 1850 in Pennsylvania.

Children of Aaron and Elizabeth: Elisha Haines (?), Infant Haines (abt 1823), Infant Haines (abt 1825), Jackson Haines (abt 1828-?), Infant Haines (abt 1832), Elijah Haines (1840-1898)

Aaron married (2): Susan Van Swearingen. 2 children: Sarah E. Haynes (abt 1877-?) and Frederick G. Haynes (abt 1879-?)

352. AARON HAINES was born in 1765 in Ulster, Ireland. He died in 1818 in Greene Co., Pennsylvania.
353. ABERILLAH HILL was born about 1767 in Ireland. She died on 27 Apr 1854 in Whitely, Green Co., Pennsylvania.

Children of Aaron and Aberillah: Hannah Haines Fox (abt 1788-1854), Elisha Haines (abt 1790-?), Sarah Haines Botts (abt 1793-1836), Reuben Haines (abt 1795-1833), James Haines (1798-1863), Mary Haines Miller (1800-?), Aaron Haines (abt 1802-1885), Catherine Haines Dobbins (abt 1804-?), John Hill Haines (abt 1805-1854), Aberillah Haines (1808-?), Elijah haines (1812-1885), Elizabeth Haines Rose (1815-1852)

704. GEORGE JUSTUS HAINES was born in 1745 in Ulster, Ireland. He died in 1792 in Greene Co., Pennsylvania.
705. MARGARET was born about 1750 in Ulster, Ireland. She died in Ulster, New York.

Children of George and Margaret: Aaron Haines (abt 1765-1818), Elsy Haines (abt 1765-?), John Haines (abt 1769-?), Reuben Haines (1771-?), George Haines (1773-1850), Sarah Catherine Haines (abt 1774-1836), Mary Haines (1775-1820), Daniel Haines (1776-1853), Nancy Haines Gerard (1777-?) and Margaret Haines Johns (1790-?)

From the Hailar Family, George Justus and family emigrated in 1773 from Ireland to New York.
From Rich Mather, quoting Richard Haines & His Descendants, name could have been Haney when family came to America; would have been O'h Eana in Ireland.


This is new research for me, so I'll keep you posted on new information I find. If you have any information about this HAYNES/HAINES family, please leave me a comment!

~happy huntings