Monday, August 30, 2010

Cleaning of the Database (pt1 - follow up)

It was a busy weekend here with the delete key. I deleted over 3000 names of the Barwick and extended family. It felt very wrong in the beginning to be deleting names, but finally discovering that one far-distant DEKLE cousin married a BARWICK, which is what, apparently, originally sent me on my Barwick family research..... way far removed. Not connected. And Zero sources throughout.

I'm still at 23,000 names (a good portion of that huge number is the Royal Family), which is a lot to maintain and start "cleaning" in a whole new way. I considered reducing the Royal Family. But because I have two connections, Cy's family has one connection found so far... it is a handy thing to have. At least I don't have to do further research into the Royal's, if another connection were to be found.

So, 23,000 names. I'll say 13,000 are my families. Which is a lot. A whole lot. Lots to clean up. Lots to further research.
Which is awesome. Now that it's a more manageable number, I can actually get to work on improving the Quality of my database. This is the exciting part!

Took about 12hrs, cumulatively, to delete the 3,000 names. 4 months to put in, 12 hours to delete. Yeah, it's a little scary.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Cleaning of the Database (pt1)

Tonight starts my database clean. This is a project on my To Do list for some time (aka, years), but now that I'm finding a bit of a stand-still in my research, I can focus on hitting that delete key.

Back in the day, as previously mentioned, I was a young researcher. It was all about adding people to the database. And I have a few thousand BARWICK's that are of no relation to me. It was simply an easy name to research at that time.

Now, they're being deleted.

I'm a bit torn about this. It feels wrong to simply delete names. These were humans that existed and have histories and stories. But because I have none of that information, nor do I have any sources for their information, it seems wrong to be one perpetuating an unsourced databased, for the sake of Numbers in my database. It's not about quantity, it's about quality. I know this now.

So, I'm sorry to you Barwick family. If I got your information from the net, good chance is, someone else has it out there for you. My information wasn't really that helpful anyway.

Off to cleaning! I'll keep you posted on how it's going!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Remer Dekle Family 1903

This is such a fascinating picture of the Remer Dekle Family (includes Silas Bowen all the way to the left). It has circulated to me a few times through email, and I came across an "original" in a box at my Father's which had the description on the back.
Oh what happy looking people! (yikes!) -
Click on the picture to make it bigger.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Madness - a few of them Morgans

This is an excerpt from a letter, referring to the children of George William Morgan (1844-1892) that I've stumbled upon. A generation where TWO of the boys ended up in an "Insane Asylum". How interesting! What was going on with this family?

Happy Monday Madness!

Hannah Sophia Parks
by Audrey Bissett Swift 4/1998

My grandmother, Hannah Sophia Parks was born in 1848 at Grand Lake, New Brunswick. In 1872 she married George Morgan, a butcher, in Saint John. During her married life she lived on King Street, Guilford Street, and St. James Street: all in West Saint John.

She had six sons and two daughters. William, the oldest, was born in 1873 and Emma, the youngest was born in 1889. Emma died as an infant and so Hannah was left with 7 children who lived into adulthood. My mother [Harriet] was blamed for Emma’s death for she had taken Emma up into the hay loft and then she dropped Emma who landed on her head after falling to ground level. Emma died a few months later.

A turning point in Hannah’s life and the lives of her children was when her husband died of TB in the fall of 1892.

...Hannah was troubled with rheumatism during the period that I knew her. Her father also suffered from this affection. She spent most of her time sitting in a rocking chair and when she walked, she would use a cane and shuffle along.

When her husband died the oldest son, William (Willie) was 19 years old. He took over all the decision making responsibilities for the family. My mother [Harriet] was 8 or 9 years old at this time. She was taken out of school and placed in a sewing factory where she learned to become a seamstress. When we were young she made all our clothes right down to the underwear. When she was 14, Charles Bissett age 23, asked her to marry him. She refused and he went to her brother William and he gave permission. He informed Hattie that the family would no longer support her. Hattie relented and was married shortly after.

During this time, William ran the business of supplying meat to butchers in West Saint John and Saint John. ....

The next son was Albert (Allie) who worked for the Postal Service, was unmarried and always lived with Nana. He was very odd and in hind sight I cannot understand how he held a job. He never talked and his room was off limits. He had a parrot that would scream ‘get out’ when the door was opened. As children we would sneak into his room when he was not home. The walls were covered with stuffed animal heads. At one time Allie had a live monkey and we were scared to death of it. Finally the monkey learned to open the door and Allie had to keep the door locked. One day he forgot to lock the door and the monkey got out room and then out of the house. Allie never found his monkey. Allie lived in the house after Nana died. One night there was a fire in his room and he died. All the neighbors knew that he kept his money buried on the property, and when the family got to the house the yard was dug over. Days later there were a few new cars in the neighborhood.

Walter was the next son and he moved to the Pennsylvania. He married and had three children. He was a carpenter. Later he moved to Malden, MA and his two daughters lived in Melrose, MA and where known to their cousins. His son, Harold Morgan, lived in Hawaii.

Next came Mitchel. As a young man, he found work in Toledo, Ohio. He never married. He had some mental problem in Ohio and my mother was contacted. As he was Canadian, he couldn’t be hospitalized in the States. She arranged for him to come from Ohio to Massachusetts on the train and he stayed with us for a while. One day while in Malden center, he took off all his clothes and was brought home by the police. My mother then took him to Saint John were he was institutionalized at the Fairville Insane Asylum. Every once in a while Nana would bring Mitchel home and he would end up smashing the plate glass window in the store. After the second time, she never brought him home again. He spent his whole life in Fairville. When we would visit, Mitchel would always say that he didn’t belong there with mental patients and he wasn’t like them.

The next to the youngest son was Fred. He left home at an early age and went to Montreal. There he married a French woman with children. After Allie died in the fire, Fred came home and took over the house. He raised angora rabbits for fur and meat. After the death of his wife, her sister lived with him. Later when Fred died, she stayed on and lived alone in the upper floor of the house....

Ernest was the youngest son. He left home at an early age to go out to western Canada with the harvesters. He had a mental breakdown while with the harvesters and was returned to Saint John. His condition must have been worse than Mitchel’s, as he was never brought home. He spent his entire life in Fairville Insane Asylum. When we would visit him he would just sit there and never say anything. Ernest never married.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rookie Mistakes - dealing with the LIVING

There are SO many mistakes to be made, when you're a newbie genealogy researcher.
For me, combine youth (in my early 20s, when I first really started compiling), crazy enthusiasm, and the onset of the Internet - And Rootsweb.
Plus, a boring job.

Bad Combo.

There wasn't much more than Rootsweb and the beginning of the Genweb available online, and I had a job that literally paid me for, like 5 months, to do genealogy. It was accepted by my boss. I needed to "be available" when work came up, and the rest of the time, as long as it wasn't Horrible Internet searching (yikes!) or gaming, I could do what I wanted.

So I filled in the entire Royal Family.
Did I need that in my database? NO.
Do I need it now, taking up space? NO.
But... it's there. And I suppose it's fun when I find more and more lines connected to the Royal Family - I don't have to do all the leg work behind it. Still, I wish I'd taken more time to actually LEARN the history, instead of just copy/paste from others on the Web.

This was before flash drives. Even before burning CD's was a norm. I was working for a computer software company that was still DOS-based, and sent out on floppys. Not the BIG floppys, but still.
So, moving from home to work wasn't easy. I had to back up my database and restore each time.

And somewhere in my export.... I exported with "replace LIVING for all living persons". Oh My God.
Something like 4000 names suddenly became LIVING instead of their real information.
I didn't realize, of course, until after a month or so of updating this database at work.... the call was, deal with the LIVING, or lose everything I'd done recently. I chose the first option.

And for 14years, I've had pages upon pages of LIVING in my database. No idea who these people are. Some of them first cousins and resources and family bible stuff - Real Bonafide Living information that I wish I had. And it's all gone.

Tonight, after months of when I get a down moment, which isn't so often, I'd delete these LIVING. 50 or so each time.
And tonight, I am proud to say that I have deleted all the LIVING from my database. Yeesh. I have no idea what I deleted, because it wasn't information to begin with - generations of... 8 children LIVING and marriages of LIVING and so on and so forth.

At least now they're not in there taking up space.

Hindsight.... really... if I'd only known then what I know now.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hunting for Loops (pt1)

Loops is my last name, which makes it the one I always "run searches" on. I'm only 3rd generation American from Germany, where the name originates as LUEPS. Apparently the family LUEPS, now assumed to be Helmuth and Caroline, two sons (and possibly two or more children) ventured to America in the 1850s when the boys were about 5 & 8. And all but the two boys died on the voyage.

Upon entering Ellis Island, they say "lueps", it is heard "Loops", and there is our name. When the boys reconnected in adult hood - they were separated after arrival and sent to different work camps - they both knew that Loops was incorrect and "made-up", but didn't know what their original name was. We only discovered the LUEPS connection about 10years ago - and I don't even have the source on it, simply an email that came from another researcher.

So.... my family is tiny. Frederick who landed in North Carolina (my gggGrandfather) and the family of Charles who was sent to Wisconsin. The midwest Loops are considerably larger than our teeny strain.

There is also a Loops family group in New York, also from Prussia, who came later - about 1890s. They are not related, or not that we're aware of. Because there are both LOOPS and LUEPS in Germany, Loops is not truly made-up (just for my family!).

My new thing is putting together where other Loops in the U.S. came from. Because I have no documents on the LUEPS connection -- I don't dispute this researcher, but still -- I'm left with very little options to choose. If I can find out where other Loops are from, maybe I can find a connection.

There is also a company in Wisconsin that was owned by a Lueps and a Schuett (my 4gGrandmother's name). Which isn't an impossible coincidence, but hey.... let's check it out.

Am I wasting my time by filling up with my database with other potentially 'non-related' Loops and Lueps from the U.S.?

But so far, it's only like 40 people. So.... it's at least giving me something fun to explore this weekend! I'll keep you posted if I come across anything fun :-)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Google Books (Dean)

Tonight has been another adventure into the world of Google Books.
Again, my amazement that I had not discovered this wealthy resource before!

Tonight I found this book: The Ministry of Taunton (that being, Taunton, Massachusetts of way ago New England). And included in there is the history of the settlement, including two brothers, Walter and John Dean (son of John Deane being the first white child born in the Taunton settlement)! Hooray! It also includes three generations of genealogy for both brothers. A great resource for anyone stemming from Taunton, Mass!

I've been a little typing monster for the past two hours, beefing up my resources and jotting notes for further research. The Dean family is my son's direct line - how exciting is this!

Surname Listing - ROBSON (England)

I'm counting down my son's ancestors, working with his 2nd Great-Grandparents.

Today.... #9... Katie Evelyn ROBSON
4 generations of ROBSON connected through:

4. Ernest S. Morgan (1912-1950)
5. Anne Rose Stone (?)

8. GEORGE WILLIAM MORGAN was born in 1874 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. He died in 1955 in Tampa, Florida.
9. KATIE EVELYN ROBSONwas born on 12 Sep 1879 in New Brunswick, Canada. She died in 1966 in Seattle, Washington

Children of George and Katie: Edith Emily Morgan (1897-1979), Arthur Murray Morgan (1898-aft 1930), Frank William Morgan (1900-?), Willard Ernest Morgan (1902-1980), John Robert Dudley Morgan (1904-1960), May E. Morgan (1908-1982), Doris Evelyn Morgan (1905-1987), Ernest S. Morgan (1912-1950), Walter S. Morgan (abt 1913-?)

18. JOHN P. ROBSON was born on 20 Apr 1850 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. He died on 27 Dec 1929 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. He was buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.
19. EVA CATHERINE GREEN was born on 15 Jul 1854 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. She died on 10 Mar 1936 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. She was buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

Children of John and Eva: Grace Isabell Robson (1875-?), Mabel Almetta Robson (1876-1898), Katie Evelyn Robson (1879-1966), Jennie Louise Robson (1883-1910), John Harry Robson (1884-1980), Bertha Elizabeth Robson (1885-?), Ella Maude Robson (1888-aft 1936), Arthur Wellesley Adams Robson (1891-1977), Frank Douglas Eugene Robson (1893-1972), Eva Martha Edith Robson (1895-1936)

36. JOHN P. ROBSON was born in 1813 in Devonshire, England. He died on 16 Mar 1896 in West Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. He was buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.
37. MABEL JONES was born on 29 Apr 1814 in Helmsley, Yorkshire, England. She died on 26 Jan 1892 in West Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. She was buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Children of John and Mable: John Robson (1850-1929)

72. JOHN ROBSON was born on 2 Feb 1772 in Alstead, Cumberland, England. He died in 1867 in New Brunswick, Canada
73. Jane was born in England. She died in unknown.

Children of John and Jane: John P. Robson (abt 1813-1896), Thomas Robson (1785-1869)
**Unsure about the huge gap between children. Either something is wrong, or there are children missing.

I just recently began researching this line so is a work in progress!! If you have any information on the Robson family, please leave me a comment!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

End of a Generation

My Great-Uncle Frank died.
He was 95.
He was born in 1915. WOW.

I wasn't close to Uncle Frank. Maybe a bit more than others because I pried into his knowledge (to help with the family genealogy). But I didn't know him. He was part of the Loops that was north, in Virginia, D.C. area. This is still something I need to address with my father... why did the brothers and Georgebelle move to D.C.? Why and how did that happen?

It's funny how "genealogy research" makes you question things in a different light.

And I have to admit, selfishly, the loss of uncle Frank, because the was the last of this generation; the knowledge; the information; the memory. He knew his grandfather Frederick, who came from Germany. He remembered the Wisconsin cousins (Alice and Olive) coming to visit. He remembers when "the brothers" (Frederick and Charles) tried to meet up with each other. He is only one generation removed from the German brothers. He was 10 years younger than my grandfather, Charles. He was there for "stuff".... and when my father said to me years ago, "i dunno"... Frank knew. He had answers.

This is the Loops family. Frank is all the way to the right. The youngest of the four.
I wish I had a current picture. Maybe through the memorial, my dad will ask someone for a more recent picture. It's sad, a bit, how you lose touch.

Frank was 95. He flew planes in WWII. I'm sure he did more, but unfortunately, that's all I know. He lived through the depression, numerous wars, had three daughters and numerous grand-kids. He will be missed.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Surname Listing - PECK

I'm counting down my son's ancestors. I've only been working on his lines for a year, so they're still absolutely a work in progress!!

Today... PECK
4 generations of PECK connected through:

12. Harry Eugene Dean (1878-1948)
13. Clara Belle Peck (1900-1975)

26. GEORGE M. PECK was born about 1867 in Indiana. He died in unknown.
27. CLARA MILLER was born about 1880 in Ohio. She died in unknown.

Children of George and Clara: Clara Belle Peck (1900-1975), Eleanor Peck (abt 1907-?), Gertrude Peck (abt 1909-?)

52. ARMOUR S. PECK was born about 1831 in Indiana. He died after 1910.
53. MARY was born about 1838 in Indiana. She died after 1910.

Children of Armour and Mary: Anna Peck (abt 1857-?), William A. Peck (abt 1859-?), Frank Peck (abt 1862-?), Clara Peck (abt 1865-?), George M. Peck (abt 1867), Mary Ada Peck (1871-?), Flora Peck (1876-?), Wilbur Clayton Peck (1881-?)

104. WILLIAM PECK was born in 1790/1802. He died on 25 Sep 1839.
105. SUSANNAH STEVENSON was born on 22 Sep 1804. She died in 1881

Children of William and Susannah: James M. Peck (1827-1839), Lester Peck (1829-1880), Armour S. Peck (1831-aft 1910), Dorchester Clark Peck (1832-1913), Jane Peck (1834-1838), Elizabeth Ann Peck (1836-1850), Mary Peck (1838-1865), Susannah Peck (1839-1881)

The Peck family leaves us still in Indiana. Any information on this family would be much appreciated!

~happy huntings

Monday Madness - Henry Loveall, aka Desolate Baker

This morning's adventure at Google Books has taken me on a historical journey into the life of Henry Loveall, aka, Desolate Baker. I have always "had", The History of the Loveall Family in America, written by Michael Sullivan, genealogist and family researcher. However, I've found so many wonderful quotes to back up Sullivan's narrative.

To note, this was an easy search, as Henry Loveall was a note-worthy man; famous for his licentious behavior in the Baptist Church, and well documented.

A few of my finds:

John Houston Harrison, 1975, Settlers by the long grey trail: some pioneers to old Augusta Co., Virginia and their harrison Descendants (Shortened), Google Books, pg 176.

""...The Chestnut Ridge church, at Baltimore, Maryland, was the 24th oldest church of the Baptists in America....The first pastor of the church was Rev. Henry Loveall, a native of Cambridge, England, and a former resident of Newport, Rhode Island, 1729, and Piscataway, New Jersey, 1730. From New Jersey he removed to Chestnut Ridge, Maryland, in 1742 and to Virginia in 1746. The Rev. Loveall was FORCED TO RESIGN, and in 1751-2 was succeeded by Rev. Samuel Heaton...."."

Jon Butler, Awash in a sea of faith: Christianizing the American people, Google Books, pg 122.

"".... in 1728 or 1729 the Piscataway congregation ordained Henry Loveall as its minister, despite an association suggestion that they wait until Loveall had preached to them for a trial period. After ordaining him, the congregation discovered that Loveall was an impostor named Desolate Baker who had changed his name to hide a BIGAMOUS second marriage, sexual LIASONS with slaves and Indians, and even a case of syphilis. The assocation used Piscataway's predicament to shame it into acknowledging the association's authority. Nathaniel Jenkins, the association's correspondent, flippantly observed that Desolate Baker's alias was all too well suited to "one who loves so well the Black, the swarthy and the White"...."."

Elder John Sparks, The Roots of Appalachian Christianity: The Life and Legacy of Elder Shubal Stearns, Google Books, pg 20.

"".... while on the journey he helped ordain a preacher who went by the name of Henry Loveall, who later turned out to be AN ESCAPED CONVICT from Long Island named Desolate Baker who used his position in the General Baptist ministry for several years as a cover for his real identity as well as additional questionable activities...."."

Julius Friedrich Sachse, The German Sectarians of Pennsylvania: 1742-1800, Google Books, pg. 101.

"....back to Burlington county to visit a hermit or recluse who lived the life of an anchorite near Crosswick Creek, a short distance from Burlington. The Chronicon speaks of him as 'John Lovell, an old Pythagorean'. Who he was or what connection there was between the Ephrata Brotherhood and this recluse does not appear.
In an old Baptist record, dated 1746, mention is made of one Henry Loveall, or Lovell, who came to New Jersey from New England about 1730-1732 and settled near Piscataqua, three miles east of New Brunswick, and one north of the Raritan river. The town was on the site of an old Indian village, and was a seat of justice as early as 1683. This Loveall, or Lovell, preached to the Baptists there for over two years, and then was ordained.
The old record further states that Lovell was never permitted to administer the holy ordinances, and that he was soon after excommunicated from the church for behaving himself in an eccentric and disorderly manner.
There can be but little doubt that the John Lovell of the Chronicon and the Henry Lovell of the Baptist records were one and the same person. Whether he was, as claimed, identical with the hermit, who lived for almost forty years in the dense pines about four miles east of Burlington, and who, in his obituary notice, is called Francis Furgler, is an interesting question. Whether the name "Lovell" by which the Ephrata Brethren knew the recluse, was his real or assumed name we have no means of knowing. If the name in the obituary was the true one, and it was the same person, there is some possibility of his having originally come from Germany....."

The latter, mentioning Henry Lovell as also a John Lovell and a potential German recluse, I do not consider factual. There is no data to back this up - where as there is much data acknowledging his true name as Desolate Baker, from Cambridge, England.

Just goes to show that not all is true! It is only one perspective on telling history, and in this case, I consider it false. Still, an interesting look into the Lovell family (who knows what ties Henry Loveall had with existing Lovell's in old New England).

Again, the fascination with the Loveall family in America is that, so far, everyone surnamed LOVEALL is tied to Desolate Baker. Many have changed their name to LOVELL over the years, which makes things a bit confusing as not all LOVELL's are attached to the LOVEALL family.

Sounds though that Desolate Baker, aka Henry Loveall (or the other way around) was a licentious man, an "impostor" perhaps. And potentially an escaped convict? Ooh, I'll have to explore that one more. Definitely fitting for Monday Madness.

Thanks Google Books for thrusting me into a Monday exploration.

Online Resources - Google Books (Webb)

Google books seems to be an amazing tool available on the internet. Having just found this vast resource, I feel a bit overwhelmed as to what to do with the information I'm finding. Is it time to start purchasing books?

Because of a comment left Here (yay! a comment!), I thought I'd test the waters on Google Books to see if anything popped up about James B. Webb. The site appears to have some books fully scanned in, many "book overviews" and quite a few book reviews. It is not a library - but WOW! Is it off to a great start!

For example, a quick search for James B. Webb (in quotations), 1795, provided that there is a James B. Webb listed in 3 different periodicals... the two at the bottom provide no data, no preview. They are simply "book overviews". Enticing... frustrating, but enticing.

Continuing with my hunt, I searched for "James Barney Webb" and came up with this excerpt from Virginia: rebirth of the old dominion, Vol. 4. Philip Alexander Bruce.

"one of three brothers that came to America from...."
What does this mean? Which brothers... in which generation?

Because I show James (1795), son of Colonel James Webb (1758), son of Samuel Webb (abt 1720), son of Samuel (1690) who was born in Massachusetts, son of Samuel Webb (1660) also born in Massachusetts. SO..... I'm curious if this lil excerpt is meaning WAY back in the Samuel lines? Or is some of my information incorrect? Because no where do I have three brothers who came to America from...

Ooh, it's just enough to tickle you, and get you riled up, and then have to search for more.

Again, Google Books seems like a potential invaluable resource. One not to get too excited about, one to tempt you into confusion and puzzle hunting - but isn't that what this is all about?!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Surname Listing - DEAN (England)

I'm counting down my son's ancestors. I've only been working on his lines for a year, so they're still absolutely a work in progress!!

Today... DEAN

12. HARRY EUGENE DEAN was born on 25 Oct 1878 in Petersburg, Kentucky. He died on 2 Feb 1948 in Indiana. He was buried in Mt. Sinai Cemetery.
13. CLARA BELLE PECK was born on 16 Oct 1900 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio. She died on 21 Sep 1975 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio. She was buried in Mt. Sinai Cemetery.

24. BENJAMIN DEAN was born on 23 Jun 1854 in Boone Co., Kentucky. He died in unknown.
25. ELIZABETH BENNETT was born about 1854 in Kentucky. She died in unknown.

Children of Benjamin and Elizabeth: Harry Eugene Dean (1878-1948), Prudy Dean (1875-?), William Dean (abt 1879-?)

48. ABIEL DEAN was born on 12 Oct 1817 in Mattapoisett, Plymounth Co., MA. He died on 23 Nov 1902 in Petersburg, Boone Co., Kentucky
49. ELIZABETH TRADER was born about 1832 in Indiana. She died before 1880 in Boone Co., Kentucky.

Abiel married First: Matilda Worrell
Abiel married 2nd: Nancy Sebree

Children of Abiel and Elizabeth: Benjamin Dean (1854-?), Roxana Dean (1856-?), Martha Dean (1858-?), Emma Dean (1861-?), Arthur Dean (abt 1863-?), Susan Dean (1866-1916), William Dean (abt 1869-?)

Abiel married 4th: Antoinette Savilla Baxter

96. NOAH DEAN was born on 31 Jan 1790 in Taunton, Bristol, Co., Massachusettes. He died in Jun 1821 in Owensboro, Davies Co., Kentucky
97. ROXALLENA HASKELL was born on 8 Apr 1788 in Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusettes. She died on 21 Jun 1821 in Vevay, Switzerland Co., Indiana.

Children of Noah and Roxallena: Abiel Dean (1817-1902), Noah Haskell Dean (1816-1896), Abthia Dean (1820-?), Roxelena Haskell (1821-1906)

192. ABIAL DEAN was born on 6 Dec 1763 in Taunton, Bristol, Co., Massachusettes. He died on 2 Jan 1855 in Wareham, Plymouth Co., Massachusettes. He was buried in Burial Place Marion, Plymouth Co., Massachusettes.
193. ABTHIA "Abby" WHITE was born on 20 Aug 1765 in Middleborough, Plymouth Co., Massachusettes. She died on 5 Sep 1848 in Plymouth Co., Massachuttes. She was buried in Burial Place Marion, Plymouth Co., Massachusettes

Children of Abial and Abby: Noah Dean (1780-1821), Elizabeth H. Dean (1793-1866), Emeline Dean (1806-1885)
** there are most likely children missing, or perhaps Emeline is the child of a 2nd marriage. The dates don't really work for this family. At this time, this marriage and children are still a work in progress.

384. NOAH DEAN was born about 1730 in Massachusettes. He died on 24 Aug 1794 in Massachusetts
385. ELIZABETH HATHAWAY was born about 1726. She died in unknown

Children of Noah and Elizabeth: Elizabeth Dean (1760-1833), Abial Dean (1763-1855)

768. ISRAEL DEAN was born on 2 Feb 1684 in Taunton, Massachusettes. He died on 23 Mar 1760 in Taunton, Massachusettes
769. RUTH JONES was born on 22 Jul 1690 in Hull, Massachusettes. She died on 18 Apr 1769 in Taunton, Massachusettes.

Child of Israel and Ruth: Noah Dean (abt 1730-1794)

1536. BENJAMIN DEAN was born about 1652 in Taunton, Massachusettes. He died about 1723 in Taunton, Massachusettes
1537. SARAH WILLIAMS was born about 1663. She died in unknown.

Child of Benjamin and Sarah: Israel Dean (1684-1760)

3072. WALTER DEAN died in unknown.
3073. ELEANOR STRONG was born in 1612/1613 in Northampton, Hampshire, England. She died in 1693 in Taunton, Massachusettes.

Children of Walter and Eleanor: Mary Dean (1638-1691), Lydia Dean (1644-?), James Dean (1648-1725), Ezra Dean (1650-?), Benjamin Dean (1652-abt 1723), Joseph Dean (abt 1654-1728)

If you have any information on the Dean family, please leave me a comment!
~happy huntings

Surname Listing - MORGAN (Ireland - New Brunswick, CA)

I'm counting down my son's ancestors. (I'm taking a break from me, since I'm on my 7th great-grandparents... I'll get back there soon).

Today... starting with MORGAN

4. Ernest S. Morgan (1912-1950)
5. Anne Rose Stone (?)

8. GEORGE WILLIAM MORGAN was born in 1874 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. He died in 1955 in Tampa, Florida
9. KATIE EVELYN ROBSON was born on 12 Sep 1879 in New Brunswick, Canada. She died in 1966 in Seattle, Washington

Children of George and Katie: Edith Emily Morgan (1897-1979), Arthur Murray Morgan (1898-aft 1930), Frank William Morgan (1900-?), Willard Ernest Morgan (1902-1980), John Robert Dudley Morgan (1904-1960), May E. Morgan (1908-1982), Doris Evelyn Morgan (1905-1987), Ernest S. Morgan (1912-1950), Walter S. Morgan (abt 1913-?)

16. GEORGE WILLIAM MORGAN was born in 1844 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. He died on 31 Oct 1892 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.
17. HANNAH SOPHIA PARKS was born on 10 Jul 1847 in Grand Lake, New Brunswick, Canada. She died on 12 Feb 1931 in West Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Children of George and Hannah: George William Morgan (1874-1955), Albert E. Morgan (1875-1940), Frederick H. Morgan (1878-1961), Walter Scott Morgan (1880-1959), Harriett Ellen "Hattie" Morgan (1884-1931), Edmund Mitchell Morgan (1885-1934), Ernest Morgan (1887-1965), Emma May Morgan (1889-1891)

32. GEORGE MORGAN was born about 1805 in Northern Ireland. He died on 16 Mar 1877 in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada.

Children of George and Unknown: Hannah Morgan (1835-1917), George William Morgan (1844-1892)

If you have any information on the Morgan family, please leave me a comment!

~happy huntings

Royal Family Ties (pt 2) - to DEAN

As previous noted, both Cy and I are related to the Royal Family through Robert De Beaumont and Isabel/Elizabeth de Vermandois. Click HERE for my connection.

Cy's DEAN family Connection
1. Robert De Beaumont, 1st Earl of Leicester (abt 1049-1118)
Isabel/Elizabeth de Vermandois (grand-daughter of Henry 1, King of France) (abt 1081-1130)

2. Isabel/Elizabeth de Beamont (1096-1147)
Gilbert Fitzgilbert de Clare, 1st Earl of Pembroke (1100-1147)
(Isabel was also married to Henry 1, King of England)

8. Richard Fitzgilbert "Strongbow" de Clare, 2nd Earl of Pembroke (abt 1130-1176)
Eva (Aoife) MacMurrough, dau of Dairmait, King of Leinster. (abt 1141-1186)

15. Isabel de Clare (abt 1172-1220)
William Marshall, 3rd Earl of Pembroke (1146-1219)

23. Eve Marshall (abt 1202-bef 1246)
William de Braose (abt 1198-1230)

28. Eva Braose (abt 1220-bef 1255)
William De Cantilupe (abt 1215-1254)

34. Millicent de Cantilupe or Cauntelo (abt 1250-?)
Eudo/Eon La Zouch (abt 1244-bef 1279)

40. Lucy la Zouche (abt 1279-?)
Thomas de Greene (abt 1292-?)

46. Henry de Greene, Chief Justice of England (1310-1370)
Catherine de Drayton (abt 1314-?)

52. Thomas de Greene (abt 1343-1391)
Margery Mabelthorpe (abt 1345-?)

58. Walter Greene (abt 1370-?)

63. Margaret Greene (abt 1390-?)
John de Greene (abt 1387-abt 1432)

67. Isabella de Greene (abt 1434-?)
Sir Richard De Vere (1430-?)

70. Henry Vere (abt 1450-?)
Isabella Tresham (abt 1457-?)

72. Elizabeth Vere (abt 1477-?)
Baron John Mordaunt (abt 1475-bef 1562)

74. Anne Mordaunt (abt 1506-?)
John Fisher (abt 1500-?)

76. Baroness Agnes Fisher (1522-bef 1572)
Oliver Saint John (abt 1508-1582)

78. Thomas Saint John (abt 1550-?)

80. Jane Saint John (abt 1575-1596)
Richard Nicholas (1560-1615)

82. Elizabeth Nicholas (1596-1664) died in Massachusettes
John Richmond (1588-1664)

84. Mary Richmond (1639 in Taunton, Bristol Co., Mass - 1715)
William Paull (1624-1704)

87. Edward Paull (1664-1740)
Esther Bobet (abt 1669-?)

89. Damaris Paul (1695-abt 1777)
Seth Hathway (1707-1748)

90. Elizabeth Hathway (abt 1726-?)
NOAH DEAN (abt 1730-1794)

I will add in Cy's surname listings at some point and will update links at that time. For now, just know that his maternal Grandmother is DEAN and hence the royal connection.

Royal Family Ties (pt 1) to RIPLEY

***9/27/2010*** I have since learned that the Webb Connection to Hannah Bradford Ripley is WRONG. There is no connection here. So.... this is how the Ripley name is tied to the Royal Family, unfortunately, it is not my connection Oops!

Is it our innate nature to try to find ancestral lines to someone famous or important or special? I can tell you that when I first discovered my ties to the Royal Family, I was ecstatic! I was young, I thought it the coolest thing in the world. Once you find the second tie, not so exciting... the third, or your partner's connection... a little weird. Hey, we're related to the same family! isn't that exciting. hmph.

I think my son will survive knowing that his parents are related some 27 generations back. Aren't most of us with English ties, at some point, related to the Royal Family?

I thought it'd be fun to actually mark this heritage, because I can never find it when offering up lineages to the family. So, now they'll be on record and easy to find.

Both Cy and I are related to:
Robert De Beaumont, 1st Earl of Leicester (abt 1049-1118), Normandy, France
Isabel/Elizabeth de Vermandois (1081-1130)
Adelaide is the Granddaughter of Henry the First, King of France, through her father HUGH DE CREPI, Duke of Burgundy

My connection:
1. Robert De Beaumont (1049-1118)
Isabel/Elizabeth of Vermandois (abt 1081-1130)

6. Adeline De Beaumont (abt 1102-?)
Hugh de Gaunt (abt 1062-?)

13. Alice de Montford (abt 1130-?)
Robert Noel (abt 1123-?)

20. Thomas Noel (abt 1151-aft 1187)
Margaret Le Strange (abt 1156-1221)

25. Jean Noel (abt 1179-?)
William De Duston (abt 1159-1234)

30. Rose De Duston (abt 1195-?)
Sir John D'Oyly (abt 1195-abt 1267)

36. John D'Oyly (abt 1220-?)

42. Edward D'Oyly (abt 1256-1312)

48. Edmund D'Oyly (abt 1297-1353)
Alice Bowden (abt 1301-?)

54. Thomas D'Oyly (1342-?)

59. Edward D'Oyly (abt 1387-?)
Anne Legat (abt 1401-1467)

64. Margaret D'Oyly (abt 1440-?)
Peter Lyhart (abt 1440-?)

68. Margaret Lyhart (abt 1440-1494)
Sir James Hobart/Hubbard (abt 1436-1516)

71. Miles Hobart/Hubbard (1479-aft 1540)
Elinor/Ellen Blennerhassett (1507-bef 1557)

73. Thomas Hobart/Hubbard (abt 1537-1598)
Helena Winsofer (abt 1546-1603)

75. Sir Edmund Hobart/Hubbard (abt 1573-1546) - died in Massachusettes
Mary Dewey (1575-1634)

77. Rev. Peter Hobart (1604 in Plymouth, Mass - 1678)
Elizabeth Ibrook (1608-1692)

79. Elizabeth HOBART (1632-1692)
John RIPLEY, son of William Ripley. 1653-1684

Yay!! does that make me really special, or what!

What's in a Surname?

I love it when you're having a simple conversation and mention that you do genealogy research. And the response is, "how far have you traced back?" For a moment, I'm a bit bewildered. Of course I realize they're asking about MY personal last name, as though that's the only name I research. I normally offer up something like, "well, my father's last name traces back to the 1850s from Germany" and leave it at that.

But if I'm feeling frisky and a bit combative, I laugh and say, "which name?" Leaving them equally bewildered and not sure how to respond.

If I left my research to only my given last name, it'd be short. Really short. Granted, I find lil notes and tidbits here and there, more filling in the gaps of the historical story of my Three generations in America. And I suppose I could start researching beyond, in Germany, hiring someone to do some research for me or finding a way to stumble around German websites (to begin with).

But how many researchers really leave it at only their given surname?
Isn't that a bit insulting to your mothers surname, which is Equally important to putting You on this earth?
And then come the grandparents, again, wouldn't be here without Them. So on and so forth.

Even when I mention something to my family, and the "story" or the "line" comes from a female line, it's as if the brain shuts off a bit. As though the female lines aren't as important. As though the only lines that matter are the male lines - Who gave birth to the Females! Can we say... oh, a bit of gender inequality here?

Sunday randomness.

Surname Listing - RIPLEY

***9/27/2010*** I've since learned that the Webb Connection to Hannah Bradford Ripley is WRONG. There is no tie here. Oops!

I'm counting down my ancestral lines... on to my 7th Great Grandparents.
Many of these lines I have little information on as most are in the 1700s. If the line originates already in the country of origin, I'm skipping over it. If they do not have a known last name, obviously, I am skipping it.
I am only listing those families that have American origins and the immigrant person still missing, or the family tie to the country of origin.

Today, #577... Hannah Bradford RIPLEY
4 generations of RIPLEY connected through:

4. Charles Ernest Loops II (1906-1977)
5. Laura Melba Dekle (1908-1994)

8. Charles Ernest Loops I (1875-?)
9. Eva Bell Webb (1882-1966)

18. George Bell Webb (1855-1914)
19. Agnes Pittman (1856-1883)

36. James Barney Webb (1823-1901)
37. Margaret Ann Laughinghouse (1823-1880)

72. James Webb Jr. (1795-1833)
73. Sophia Bell (1797-1840)

144. James Webb Sr (abt 1758-1825)
145. Nancy Cony/Conney (died 1809)

288. Samuel Webb (abt 1721-1801)
289. Deborah Davison (abt 1717-1803)

576. SAMUEL WEBB was born in 1690 in Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusettes. He died on 6 Mar 1779 in Rockingham, Vermont. He married HANNAH BRADFORD RIPLEY on 8 Oct 1711 in Windham, Windham Co., Connecticut
577. HANNAH BRADFORD RIPLEYwas born on 2 Mar 1685 in Hingham, Norfolk Co., Massachusettes. She died on 19 Mar 1751 in Windham, Windham Co., Connecticut

No other children known.

1154. JOSHUA RIPLEY was born on 9 Nov 1658 in Hingham, Norfolk Co., Massachusettes. He died on 18 May 1739 in Windham, Windham Co., Connecticut.
1155. HANNAH BRADFORD was born on 9 May 1662 in Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusettes. She died on 27 May 1738 in Windham, Windham Co., Connecticut. She was buried in 1738 in Norwich, New London Co., Connecticut.

No other children known

2308. JOHN RIPLEY was born in 1622 in Hingham, Norfolk Co., Massachusettes. He died on 3 Feb 1683/1684 in Plymouth Co., Massachusettes
2309. ELIZABETH HOBART was born in 1632/1633 in Southwold, Suffolk, England. She was christened on 19 Apr 1635 in Southwold, Suffolk, England. She died on 29 Apr 1692 in Hingham, Plymouth Co., Massachusettes.

No other children known.

4616. WILLIAM RIPLEY (unknown)

If you have any information on this family, please leave me a comment!

~happy huntings

ADDED Sept, 2010 - Hannah BRADFORD Ripley... much more information to come on the BRADFORD family, including our ties to the MAYFLOWER. Yay! Hannah Bradford Ripley's gGrandfather, William Bradford III was Governor of Plymouth and came over on the Mayflower. See HERE.