Monday, August 9, 2010

Online Resources - Google Books (Webb)

Google books seems to be an amazing tool available on the internet. Having just found this vast resource, I feel a bit overwhelmed as to what to do with the information I'm finding. Is it time to start purchasing books?

Because of a comment left Here (yay! a comment!), I thought I'd test the waters on Google Books to see if anything popped up about James B. Webb. The site appears to have some books fully scanned in, many "book overviews" and quite a few book reviews. It is not a library - but WOW! Is it off to a great start!

For example, a quick search for James B. Webb (in quotations), 1795, provided that there is a James B. Webb listed in 3 different periodicals... the two at the bottom provide no data, no preview. They are simply "book overviews". Enticing... frustrating, but enticing.

Continuing with my hunt, I searched for "James Barney Webb" and came up with this excerpt from Virginia: rebirth of the old dominion, Vol. 4. Philip Alexander Bruce.

"one of three brothers that came to America from...."
What does this mean? Which brothers... in which generation?

Because I show James (1795), son of Colonel James Webb (1758), son of Samuel Webb (abt 1720), son of Samuel (1690) who was born in Massachusetts, son of Samuel Webb (1660) also born in Massachusetts. SO..... I'm curious if this lil excerpt is meaning WAY back in the Samuel lines? Or is some of my information incorrect? Because no where do I have three brothers who came to America from...

Ooh, it's just enough to tickle you, and get you riled up, and then have to search for more.

Again, Google Books seems like a potential invaluable resource. One not to get too excited about, one to tempt you into confusion and puzzle hunting - but isn't that what this is all about?!