Thursday, August 12, 2010

End of a Generation

My Great-Uncle Frank died.
He was 95.
He was born in 1915. WOW.

I wasn't close to Uncle Frank. Maybe a bit more than others because I pried into his knowledge (to help with the family genealogy). But I didn't know him. He was part of the Loops that was north, in Virginia, D.C. area. This is still something I need to address with my father... why did the brothers and Georgebelle move to D.C.? Why and how did that happen?

It's funny how "genealogy research" makes you question things in a different light.

And I have to admit, selfishly, the loss of uncle Frank, because the was the last of this generation; the knowledge; the information; the memory. He knew his grandfather Frederick, who came from Germany. He remembered the Wisconsin cousins (Alice and Olive) coming to visit. He remembers when "the brothers" (Frederick and Charles) tried to meet up with each other. He is only one generation removed from the German brothers. He was 10 years younger than my grandfather, Charles. He was there for "stuff".... and when my father said to me years ago, "i dunno"... Frank knew. He had answers.

This is the Loops family. Frank is all the way to the right. The youngest of the four.
I wish I had a current picture. Maybe through the memorial, my dad will ask someone for a more recent picture. It's sad, a bit, how you lose touch.

Frank was 95. He flew planes in WWII. I'm sure he did more, but unfortunately, that's all I know. He lived through the depression, numerous wars, had three daughters and numerous grand-kids. He will be missed.