Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hunting for Loops (pt1)

Loops is my last name, which makes it the one I always "run searches" on. I'm only 3rd generation American from Germany, where the name originates as LUEPS. Apparently the family LUEPS, now assumed to be Helmuth and Caroline, two sons (and possibly two or more children) ventured to America in the 1850s when the boys were about 5 & 8. And all but the two boys died on the voyage.

Upon entering Ellis Island, they say "lueps", it is heard "Loops", and there is our name. When the boys reconnected in adult hood - they were separated after arrival and sent to different work camps - they both knew that Loops was incorrect and "made-up", but didn't know what their original name was. We only discovered the LUEPS connection about 10years ago - and I don't even have the source on it, simply an email that came from another researcher.

So.... my family is tiny. Frederick who landed in North Carolina (my gggGrandfather) and the family of Charles who was sent to Wisconsin. The midwest Loops are considerably larger than our teeny strain.

There is also a Loops family group in New York, also from Prussia, who came later - about 1890s. They are not related, or not that we're aware of. Because there are both LOOPS and LUEPS in Germany, Loops is not truly made-up (just for my family!).

My new thing is putting together where other Loops in the U.S. came from. Because I have no documents on the LUEPS connection -- I don't dispute this researcher, but still -- I'm left with very little options to choose. If I can find out where other Loops are from, maybe I can find a connection.

There is also a company in Wisconsin that was owned by a Lueps and a Schuett (my 4gGrandmother's name). Which isn't an impossible coincidence, but hey.... let's check it out.

Am I wasting my time by filling up with my database with other potentially 'non-related' Loops and Lueps from the U.S.?

But so far, it's only like 40 people. So.... it's at least giving me something fun to explore this weekend! I'll keep you posted if I come across anything fun :-)