Monday, August 30, 2010

Cleaning of the Database (pt1 - follow up)

It was a busy weekend here with the delete key. I deleted over 3000 names of the Barwick and extended family. It felt very wrong in the beginning to be deleting names, but finally discovering that one far-distant DEKLE cousin married a BARWICK, which is what, apparently, originally sent me on my Barwick family research..... way far removed. Not connected. And Zero sources throughout.

I'm still at 23,000 names (a good portion of that huge number is the Royal Family), which is a lot to maintain and start "cleaning" in a whole new way. I considered reducing the Royal Family. But because I have two connections, Cy's family has one connection found so far... it is a handy thing to have. At least I don't have to do further research into the Royal's, if another connection were to be found.

So, 23,000 names. I'll say 13,000 are my families. Which is a lot. A whole lot. Lots to clean up. Lots to further research.
Which is awesome. Now that it's a more manageable number, I can actually get to work on improving the Quality of my database. This is the exciting part!

Took about 12hrs, cumulatively, to delete the 3,000 names. 4 months to put in, 12 hours to delete. Yeah, it's a little scary.