Monday, September 6, 2010

Another family tie....

***9/27/2010*** Since this post, I have learned that the Webb connection to Samuel Webb and Hannah Ripley is NOT CORRECT. Oops!

I just recently discovered this tonight, and I must get it down, so I have to show...

It's not a direct tie between Cy and I - we already have that through the Royal Family, some 27 generations back. But this is definitely a marriage relationship, through our Plymouth Family ties - the same families that connect us to the Royal family.

Forgive me for being New at this connection... I'll update more as I research more. Right now, I'm relying on simple family websites and google books.

The connection is through THOMAS LUCAS, born 1630, died 1678/1679 in Plymouth.

Cy's connection:
Thomas Lucas, 1630-1678/1679.
dau Mehitable Lucas, abt 1660-1710
son William Bryant, 1691/1692-1770
dau Abthia Bryant, 1725/1726 - 1809
dau Abthia White, 1765-1848
son Noah Dean, 1790-1821
son Abiel Dean, 1817-1902
son Benjamin Dean, 1854-?
and moving through the DEAN Family... of whom his mother is a DEAN

My connection:
Thomas Lucas, 1630-1677/1679
dau Mary Lucas, 1657/1658-1744
who married Nathaniel Atwood 1651/1652 - 1724
Nathaniel's SISTER, Mary Atwood 1645-1714/1715 married Major William BRADFORD
William Bradford, 1624-1703/1704, ALSO married Alice Richards, 1627-1671
dau Hannah Bradford, 1662-1738
dau Hannah Bradford Ripley, 1685-1751
son Samuel Webb, abt 1720/1721
son James Webb, abt 1758-abt 1825
And then on to the WEBB family

So... it's not an actual connection. Through sisters, and two marriages. No ancestor shared.
But definitely a connection, way prior to our 27 generations back at the Royal Family.

I need some visual to tie my brain around this time. I've been watching The Scarlett Letter, with Demi Moore, to give me some idea of what persons were like at this time. It's not perfect, not the right area and much later. But it's what I have to go on at this point.

Can I mention... MY connection to Major William BRADFORD... that would be, as well, his father, WILLIAM BRADFORD, Governor of Plymouth, who came over on the MAYFLOWER! It's for real! I have a Mayflower connection!