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Surname Listing - LESTER

I'm counting down my ancestral lines. Moving on through my 2nd Great-Grandparents... LESTER.
I need to do some work on this family (note to self!).

4. Charles Ernest Loops II (1906-1977)
5. Laura Melba Dekle (1908-1994)

10. Deroy "D.R." Dekle (1880-1958)
11. Levietta Serena "Levie" Williams (1879-1955)

22. HENRY ROBERT WILLIAMS was born on 11 Jun 1856 in Excelsior, Bulloch Co., Ga. He died on 4 Feb 1936 in Statesboro, Bulloch Co., Ga.
23. LAURA MOZELLE LESTER was born on 24 Jan 1860 in Bryan Co., Ga. She died on 20 Feb 1936 in Statesboro, Bulloch Co., Ga. She was buried in Eastside Cemetery,Bulloch Co.,Ga.

Children of Henry and Laura: Levietta Serena Williams (1879-1955), John Clyde Williams (1884-1979), Ruby Williams (1884-?), Mabel Williams (1888-1890), Ouida Williams (1893-1984), Robert Lee Williams (1894-1912), Sibyl Williams (1900-1944).

46. MALCOLM BRINSON LESTER was born on 31 Jul 1817 in Statesboro, Bulloch Co., Ga. He died on 11 Oct 1864 in Guyton,Effingham Co.,Ga. He was buried in Ash Branch Cemetery,Bulloch Co.,Ga.
47. MARY ANN ROYSTON was born on 31 Jan 1831 in Bulloch Co., Ga. She died on 30 Apr 1883. She was buried in Ash Branch Cemetery,Bulloch Co.,Ga

Children of Malcolm and Mary Ann: Robert F. Lester (1853-1903), Daniel B. Lester (abt 1851-?), Laura Mozelle Lester (1860-1936).

92. DANIEL LESTER was born about 1785. He died in 1836 in Bulloch Co., Ga.
93. MARY "Polly" BRINSON was born about 1791 in Burke Co.,Ga. She died about 1871.

Children of Daniel and Polly: William B. Lester (1811-1883) and Malcolm Brinson Lester (1817-1864).

Daniel died in Bulloch Co., but it is unknown where he was born. Must find more information on this family!!!

Here are Charles Pittman's notes on Malcolm Brinson Lester.

Malcolm Brinson Lester died during the Civil War from a severerespiratory illness. Listed below are the facts pertaining to his servicerecord with the CSA and the illness that eventually killed him. Thesefactswere gathered from his "Compiled Service Record" by the GeorgiaDepartment of Archives and History.

M. B. Lester, Private, enlisted in the CSA on April 2, 1864 in Savannah,Ga., Chatham County. He joined Company D of the 22nd. Battalion HeavyArtillery, "Oglethorpe Siege Artillery", under the command of Lt. Col.William F. Pritchard. Malcolm was present for the Muster Roll of April1864.

It appears that shortly after his enlistment he became ill with some form of lung disease because during the 1864 July/August Muster Roll he had been transferred from the 22nd. Battalion to the Infantry Reserves. Hewas assigned to the 1st. Regiment, Georgia Infantry Reserves, Company C,Chatham County, under the command of Col. William R. Symons. This transfer occurred only 90 days after his enlistment.

Malcolm obviously became gravely ill and was transferred to the Guyton,Ga. hospital which is approximately 20 miles northwest of Savannah, Effingham County. During the September/October 1864 Muster Roll he isshown as "Died at Guyton Hospital October 10, 1864".

The next document in the Service Record was a Confederate Army DeathRegister (Certificate #277) that stated he "died October 10, 1864 atGuyton Hospital of Congestive Failure." (Confederate Archives, Chapter10,File No. 4, page #150) At this time most references to "congestive"related deaths were due to lung diseases such as tuberculosis orpneumonia. The most likely candidate was T.B..

Malcolm's great granddaughter, Martha Sue Williams Pittman, vividly remembers her grandmother, Laura Mozelle Lester, telling the story about a slave being sent in a buckboard wagon to Guyton Hospital to pick up the body of her father and bring him home for burial. Laura was only four years old when her father died. Malcolm was laid to rest in Ash Branch Cemetery in Bryan County when he was 47 years old.

It is reasonable to assume that Malcolm's illness was so grave that he was transferred to Guyton Hospital so that he could be near his home and family during his final days. It must have been a foregone conclusion that this illness would be fatal.


If you are a member of this family or have any information, please leave me a comment!!

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