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Surname Listing - ROUNTREE (Ireland - England)

I'm counting down my ancestral lines... on to my 4th Great Grandparents.
Many of these lines I have little information on as they are moving into the 1700s. If the line originates already in the country of origin, I'm skipping over it. If they do not have a known last name, obviously, I am skipping it.
I am only listing those families that have American origins and the immigrant person still missing, or the family tie to the country of origin.

Today, #81... Nancy ROUNTREE
7 generations of ROUNTREE connected through:

4. Charles Ernest Loops II (1906-1977)
5. Laura Melba Dekle (1908-1994)

10. Deroy "D.R." Dekle (1880-1958)
11. Levietta Serena "Levie" Williams (1879-1955)

20. Remer Dekle (1858-1902)
21. Mary Jane Bowen (1858-?)

40. John "Squire" Dekle (1821-1896)
41. Mary Mercer (1830-1875)

80. GEORGE DEKLE was born on 30 May 1781 in Effingham Co.,Ga.. He died on 10 May 1845 in Campelton,Jackson Co.,Georgia.
81. NANCY ROUNTREE was born on 7 May 1785 in NC. She died on 4 May 1856 in Campbellton,Jackson,Ga

Children of George and Nancy: Sarah Dekle (1803-1874), Grissom Dekle (1806-1883), William Dekle (1808-?), Littleton Dekle (1811-?), Minton Dekle (1813-?), Ellen/Eleanor Dekle (1815-1876), Thomas Cummings Dekle (1817-1860), Cynthia Dekle (1819-?), John "Squire" Dekle (1821-1896), Theresa Dekle (1823-1896), Nancy Dekle (1825-1909).

162. JOHN ROUNTREE was born on 12 Oct 1762 in Pennsylvania. He died on 27 Jul 1821 in Emanuel Co.,Ga..
163. NANCY MANNING was born about 1766 in Orange Co.,NC

Children of John and Nancy: Joshua Rountree (abt 1783-1851), George S. Rountree (abt 1783-?), Nancy Rountree (1785-1856).

324. THOMAS ROUNTREE was born on 10 Nov 1733 in Armagh,Armagh,Ireland. He died on 23 Mar 1772 in Hillsborough,Orange Co.,NC.
325. EVA STURGESS was born on 1 Feb 1739/1740 in Ireland. She died in 1810 in Orange Co.,NC. She was buried in Little River Cemetery,Orange Co.,NC

Children of Thomas and Eva: William Rountree (?), Charles Rountree (?), Andrew Rountree(?), Thomas Rountree (?), Rachel Rountree (?), Lydia Rountree (?), John Rountree (1762-1821), Joseph Rountree (1782-1874)

648. CHARLES ROUNTREE was born in 1680 in Armagh, Armagh, Ireland. He died in 1759 in Northern Ireland.
649. LYDIA MCMAN was born in 1712 in Northern Ireland. She died about 1750
(a note is placed that her dates MAY be 1682-1747)

Children of Charles and Lydia: Charles Rountree (abt 1710-?), Thomas Rountree (1733-1772)

1296. FRANCIS ROUNTREE was born in 1649 in Ireland He died in 1723.
1297. SARAH COLEMAN was born in Ireland

Children of Francis and Sarah: Robert Rountree (abt 1665-1720), John Rountree (abt 1668-?), Thomas Rountree (1670-1748), Francis Rountree (1672-1746), William Rountree (abt 1674-1766), Moses Rountree (1676-1755), Charles Rountree (1680-1759), Jesse Rountree (?), Rebecca Rountree (?), Susanna Rountree (?), Christian Rountree (?)

2592. JOHN ROUNTREE was born in 1622 in England. He died about 1680.
2593. JANE HARDY was born in 1625 in England. She died in 1684 in England

Children of John and Jane: Elizabeth Rountree (abt 1647-?), Francis Rountree (1649-1723), Charles Rountree (abt 1660-1704)

5184. JOSEPH ROUNTREE was born in 1598 in England. He died in 1660.
5185. REBECCA TOMS was born in 1601 in England. She died in 1656 in England.

Note on Francis Rountree (1649-1723):
Francis Rowntree who I thought was our Ancestor embarked forVirginia from the north of Ireland with six of his seven sons the year ofa smallpox epidemic. (His youngest son Charles Rowntree came down withsmall pox just as the ship was about to leave and he and his motherstayed behind in Ireland. The father and the other brothers all embarkedfor America as they had "already paid their passage." as Joseph Rountreerelated below. Joseph's ancestor emigrated ca 1750. We are also told byWalter Rountree who emigrated to New York City in 1896, anotherdescendant of Charles that some died from "ship fever on the voyage."

ref: Rowntree and Rountree Family History by Joseph Gustave RountreeII+ family & official records


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