Saturday, July 3, 2010

Surname Listing - DEACON (Ireland)

Moving through my lines of Great Grandparents, we're on to DEACON
A quick jaunt to Ireland, and the line dies.

6. Charles Homer Young (1917-1996)
7. Harriet Anne Loveall (1922-1978)

14. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN LOVEALL was born on 22 Oct 1891 in Cleveland,OH. He died in Aug 1979 in San Luis Obispo,CA.
15. MARGUERITE FRANCINE DEACON was born on 14 Sep 1890 in Sandwich,IL. She died on 25 May 1977 in San Luis Obispo,CA. She was buried on 31 May 1977 in San Luis Obispo,CA.

Children of Ben and Marguerite: Harriet Anne Loveall (1922-1978), and Marguerite Jean "Peg" Loveall, (1928-2000).

30. WILLIAM DEACON was born on 6 Jan 1843 in Ireland. He died about 21 May 1911 in San Francisco, San Francisco Co., California. The cause of death was chronic nephritis. He was buried in San Francisco, San Francisco Co., California.
31. HARRIET ANNE JACKSON was born about 1850 in Schenectady,NY. She died on 19 May 1923 in Oakland,CA. She was buried in Oakland,CA

Children of William and Annie: William F. Deacon (1884-?), Marguerite Francine Deacon (1890-1977), Alva Mason Deacon (1896-1967).

Once again, this is as far as I've traveled. William in Ireland ends the line.
If you have more information on this family, please leave me a comment!

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