Thursday, July 8, 2010

Surname Listing - ROYSTON

I'm counting down my ancestral lines, working with my 3rd great grandparents.

Today... #47, Mary Anne ROYSTON.

Three generations of Royston connected through:

4. Charles Ernest Loops II (1906-1977)
5. Laura Melba Dekle (1908-1994)

10. Deroy "D.R." Dekle (1880-1958)
11. Levietta Serena "Levie" Williams (1879-1955)

22. Henry Robert Williams (1856-1936)
23. Laura Mozelle Lester (1860-1936)

46. MALCOLM BRINSON LESTER was born on 31 Jul 1817 in Statesboro, Bulloch Co., Ga. He died on 11 Oct 1864 in Guyton,Effingham Co.,Ga. He was buried in Ash Branch Cemetery,Bulloch Co.,Ga.
47. MARY ANN ROYSTON was born on 31 Jan 1831 in Bulloch Co., Ga. She died on 30 Apr 1883. She was buried in Ash Branch Cemetery,Bulloch Co.,Ga

Children of Malcolm and Mary Anne: Robert F. Lester (1853-1903), Daniel B. Lester (abt 1851-?), Laura Mozelle Lester (1860-1936)

Mary Ann married 2nd, Manly O. Osteen, (1846-1871). Two children: Theolia Osteen (abt 1868-?) and Joseph Osteen (abt 1870-?)

94. SOLOMON ROYSTON was born about 1797 in SC. He died in 1865 in Natchitoches,La. He was buried in Rocky Mount Cemetery,Sabine La.
95. JANE DONALDSON was born on 4 Apr 1801 in Bulloch Co., Ga

Child of Solomon & Jane: Mary Ann Royston (1831-1885).

Solomon may have had a second spouse, Eliza Dearmont.

188. JOHN CARY ROYSTON was born in 1769 in Newberry,SC.
189. MARY ANN RENWICK was born on 13 Jun 1773 in Newberry,SC. She died on 18 Jan 1801 in Newberry,SC. She was buried in Jan 1801 in Cannon's Creek Cemetery,Newberry,SC.

Children of John and Mary Ann: Richard Royston (?) and Solomon Royston (abt 1797-1865).

I don't have much information on John Cary Royston. If you have any information on this family, please leave me a comment!

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