Monday, November 29, 2010

Finding Henry Loveall (perhaps NOT Desolate Baker)

For those of you LOVEALL family researchers, I need to take a moment to share the newly published, LOVEALL REPORT: The Descendants of REV. HENRY LOVEALL, an Able and Worthy Preacher (1694-aft 1772), by Gaynelle Moore. Purchase, Read, Learn.

Having just received my own copy of this, I'll not give anything away, except that as she previously commented on my prior Henry Loveall post, there is little supporting evidence that his name was Desolate Baker. Furthermore, that there is little EVIDENCE supporting the claims and slanders that he was "licentious" or removed from Baptist ministry because of behavior.

Where there is MUCH information available out there on this icky behavior, Gaynelle has researched (with the help of a professional genealogist) the life and times of Rev. Henry Loveall and attempts to prove that the history we have all been working from for so long is UNTRUE. That he was an "Able and Worthy" preacher, despite slanderings now reprinted in history books.

Please take a look. Decide for yourself. But at least give it a gander before further publishing the perhaps incorrect historical record of Henry Lovevall. Let's put this to rest and offer what is FACT to the Loveall family.