Friday, November 12, 2010

Fryer Family of Allegheny Pennsylvania

I'm on a hunt for information about the Fryer family of Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania. You know how it gets... you become stagnant in one search, you find another to research. The Fryer's are my step-father's family, and a brand-new search, just begun yesterday. The Internet is alive with resources, and then at the same time... not so much. I love a new puzzle to figure out.

What I have figured out 100% and the line of my step-father:

William Fryer, 26 Mar 1836 - 3 April 1866, married Elizabeth McMillan, 24 Sept 1838 - 28 Nov 1873.

His father was William Fryer, 1785/1790 of Allegheny Co, PA - 8 Aug 1871, Allegheny Co., PA, married Annie Middlesworth, 1804/1850, Allegheny Co.

In my research of the Fryer family of this county, I found many sources of a Leonard Fryer and Ellen (or Eleanor) Porter, both from Ireland, who settled in the county. Upper St. Clair Township History states that Leonard had a son William. Dates of Leonard's other children (apparently 13, although I've yet to find more than the 4 sons) certainly match with MY William being in the mix.

Furthermore, William and Annie Middlesworth's first children were a set of twins, Moses and Leonard. Moses named after her father and Leonard... well, it'd make sense to be named after His father.

I'm thinking a Great chance these families are connected.

Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. I have much information on descendants, but have yet to find the children of Leonard in any detail or a positive connection between my William and the William, son of Leonard.