Friday, November 12, 2010

A Nod to Google

I'm so confused about this Internet "thing". I have to admit. What is the difference between Yahoo! and Google, really. I teach Internet classes, I do SEO on my own websites. I'm not an idiot, I understand the basics of how to get "to the top" of the list. But I still feel like, they know. They know that I'm a genealogy-bug, and give me websites based on that interest, when I do a search query.
I mean, does Everyone get the same results when they look for "Captain John Johnson" that I do? Are my search results tweaked because 80% of my searches are for genealogical references?

I still don't know how that happens.

BUT, I have to say, Google has it going on. In recent Google searches, it seems that Rootsweb submissions and anything on Blogger makes it high on the results list. Google is doing well to promote it's sites (I didn't realize Rootsweb was a google site... perhaps they bought it?).

And so, just because of that, I'm thinking that using my blogger website, I'm going to take advantage of how quickly it puts placement at the top of the list. And ask some questions. Forgive me, dear readers, if I post something not so interesting... because I have a question I'd like to ask to the masses, that will hopefully come up in their query. But, it seems a wonderful advantage.

Nod to Google. Thank you for supporting your own.
Or maybe it's just that MY google is tweaked to "genealogy". We'll see.