Saturday, December 18, 2010

Southern Oregon Historical Society

I just have to post my exciting news.... as an avid amateur genealogy fanatic, that I just got a new job at the HISTORICAL SOCIETY (yay!) is a little piece of heaven for me :-)

I will be working with membership/development, first working to fix the database and other techno issues with the society. But soon, working to find new ways of fund-raising and development, getting more people involved, promotion, etc.

How exciting!

I live in Southern Oregon, but am not originally from here. So my experience with the research library with the historical society is nil. But they have been active for nearly 80yrs. The research library is worked all from volunteers, a very active group who are largely tied to historical communities here. It will be fun and exciting to learn more about the history of this area!

And of course, the SOHS is tied in with the Genealogy Society (yay!). There may be opportunities to begin teaching some classes with the two, as well. I already teach genealogy classes through The City, but what a wonderful expansion to consider through the historical society!

All in all, a great new addition to my life.

I hope to start including some information on Southern Oregon history and fun facts into this blog, as it becomes more of my working life.

For now, a few links:

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