Thursday, June 17, 2010

Surname Starter - LOOPS (Germany)

Well, so much for starting off with a bang! It's taken me a while to get organised, you see.

Enyhoo, let's start off with a Surname. I'm following Randy Seaver's format from his Surname Saturday (which will hopefully be one blogabit I can get in to), using the Ahnentafel Report. I've created these reports for years and I even know how to spell Ahnentafel. But I'll admit before writing the word down in this paragraph, I had to go to Wikipedia to look it up. I've never ventured to explore what exactly this report means. Go do it! You'll feel smarter :-)

We shall start simply with LOOPS (the link takes you to my website so you can get more information on the LOOPS family)

5 generations of Loops:

4. CHARLES ERNEST LOOPS II was born on 15 Jul 1906 in Kinston, NC. He died on 2 Jul 1977 in Greensboro, NC. The cause of death was Heart Attack.
5. LAURA MELBA DEKLE was born on 3 Nov 1908 in Register, Bulloch Co., GA. She died on 29 Jul 1994 in Greensboro, NC.

8. CHARLES ERNEST LOOPS was born on 12 Nov 1875 in Kinston,NC. He was christenedon 16 Oct 1885 in St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Lenoir Co., NC. He died in North Carolina.
9. EVA BELL WEBB was born on 28 Apr 1882 in Kinston,NC. She died on 15 Sep 1966 in Arlington,VA.

Children of Charles & Eva were Frank Loops. Georgebelle Loops (4 Aug 1904 - 1990), Charles II, and Frederick Carlysle Loops (23 Oct 1908 - 23 Jun 1965).

16. FREDERICK CHRISTOPHER LOOPS was born on 8 Sep 1847 in Altenhagen Prussia. He died on 12 Nov 1901 in Kinston, Lenoir Co., NC. He was buried on 13 Nov 1901 in St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Lenoir Co., NC.
17. AMANDA F. STUBBS. was born on 29 Sep 1844 in Pitt Co., North Carolina. She was christened on 4 May 1864 in St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Lenoir Co., NC. She died in Oct 1882. She was buried about 17 Oct 1882 in St. Mary's Episcopal Church,Lenoir Co.,NC.

Children of Frederick and Amanda were: Lelia Loops (17 Jul 1869 - 16 Oct 1882), Charles I, Herman Loops (May 1878 0 2 Feb 1879), Edgar Loops (1880 - ?), and Eva Mae Loops (18 June 1872 - 16 Sept 1957).

32. HELMUTH FRIEDRICH LUEPS was born about 1820 in Roeckwitz,Mecklenburg-Schwerin,Germany. He died about 1853 in on Ship Crossing To America From Germany.
33. CAROLINE SOPHIA MARIA SCHUETT was born on 27 Dec 1819 in Germany. She died in On ship traveling to america.

Children of Helmuth and Caroline were Frederick, and Charles Loops (24 Jan 1852 - 14 Jun 1914).

64. JOHANN JOCHEN LUEPS died in Germany.
And that's it. This has been a fascinating and frustrating line to research. Two brothers came from Germany and were separated upon entering New York. Charles to a labor camp in Wisconsin, Frederick to a labor camp in Maine. Charles stayed in Wisconsin, Frederick fled and eventually landed in Kinston, North Carolina. Eventually the two brothers would meet and their children would communicate.

By two generations later, neither family knew the other existed.

Just finding each other has been heartwarming and a bit overwhelming. Both families knew that LOOPS was a made-up name, but neither had ideas on the origin. Until about 8years ago a document was found by Susan Bauer, a cousin, that stated Helmuth LUEPS and Caroline SCHUETT. Oh tears!!! I have yet to see this document and have yet to find another document to prove this name. But it's what we go on for now.

~ happy huntings