Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Babbly start

I'm going a little nuts with my multiple websites, my blog, my networked TechNiche pages, my need for scrapbooking, my scanned photo archives. I suppose it's what you do when you don't have a full-time job. In my recent love affair with blogging and bloggers and blog sites and nosying in on what blogs are really all about, I thought that creating my own genealogical blog might be fun. After all, it is one consistent in my life, even with a few months' hiatus here and there, and has been for about 17yrs now. I've been a piano player longer. Oh, and a female. That's about it. Yep, most of my life I've been doing genealogy research. Now that I'm teaching classes on genealogy research and maybe starting to market myself as a web designer and researcher, you know, throwing myself out there at the mercy of the "I don't want to go back to full-time work, can you make that happen, please" Gods, it might be a good idea to babble about it.

Yay for babbling.

I'll start soon. I've got fun news! Ooh, I have such fun news I could babble genealogy for a good month before having to actually research somethin new. How fun is this going to be :-) Check back soon.

~ happy huntings