Friday, June 18, 2010

Surname Starter - DEKLE (Germany)

I'm just going to make my way through my main surnames. A fun look for me to see how much more research I need to do, and gives me a few posts to start off this blog. You know, let's get this thing going already. Again, I'm following Randy Seaver's method from his Surname Saturdays. Check out his blog if you haven't - I can't imagine anyone reading any genealogy blog not knowing about Genea-Musings, but just in case.

Today, we continue with DEKLE (the link is to my website for more information on this family).

8 generations of DEKLE:

4. CHARLES ERNEST LOOPS II was born on 15 Jul 1906 in Kinston, NC. He died on 2 Jul 1977 in Greensboro, NC.
5. LAURA MELBA DEKLE was born on 3 Nov 1908 in Register, Bulloch Co., GA. She died on 29 Jul 1994 in Greensboro, NC.

10. DEROY DEKLE was born on 19 Jun 1880 in Bulloch Co., Ga. He died on 14 Aug 1958 in Bulloch Co., Ga.
11. LEVIETTA "Levie" SERENA WILLIAMS was born on 19 May 1879 in Excelsior, Bulloch Co., Ga. She died on 12 Feb 1955 in Statesboro, Bulloch Co., Ga. She was buried in Eastside Cemetery,Bulloch Co.,Ga.

Children of Deroy "D.R." and Levie were Marilee Dekle Cole (1902-1975), Lester Dekle (1903-1953), Bernard S. Dekle (1905-1988), Laura Melba Dekle Loops, Evelyn Dekle Perry (1914-1989), and Margie Dekle Highsmith (1921-2007).

20. REMER DEKLE was born on 9 Feb 1858 in Georgia. He died on 13 Jan 1902 in Georgia.
21. MARY JANE BOWEN was born in Nov 1858 in Georgia. She died in unknown.

Children of Remer & Mary Jane Dekle were DeRoy Dekle, Laura Pearl Dekle Franklin (1882-1978), George Adams Dekle (1884-1970), Carl Dekle (1886-1896), John Harvey Dekle (1888-1971), Silas Mark Dekle (1890-1967), Remer Gary Dekle (1892-1981), Michell Duran Dekle (1895-1897), and Mary Edna Dekle Tillman (1898-1987).

40. JOHN "SQUIRE" DEKLE was born on 18 Feb 1821 in Georgia. He died on 11 Aug 1896 in Emanuel Co.,Ga..
41. MARY MERCER was born on 9 Oct 1830. She died on 10 Apr 1875.

Julia Ann V. Dekle Kirkland (1850-?), George M. Dekle (abt 1852-?), Ivey S. Dekle (abt 1854-?), Laura M. Dekle Williams (abt 1865-?), Jennie "Jincey" Dekle Everett (1856-1926), Remer Dekle, Mitchell Sanford Dekle (1860-1922), John Morgan Dekle (1864-1916), Ida Dekle (abt 1867-?), Talula Satirah "Lula" Dekle Trapnell (abt 1870-?), and Mary Anna Dekle Lee (1872-1956).

80. GEORGE DEKLE was born on 30 May 1781 in Effingham Co.,Ga.. He died on 10 May 1845 in Campelton,Jackson Co.,Georgia.
81. NANCY ROUNTREE was born on 7 May 1785 in NC. She died on 4 May 1856 in Campbellton,Jackson,Ga..

Children of George and Nancy Dekle were Sarah Dekle Neel (1803-1874), Grissom Dekle (1806-1833), William Dekle (1808-?), Littleton Dekle (1811-?), Minton Dekle (1813-?), Ellen/Eleanor Dekle Horn (1815-1876), Thomas Cummings Dekle (1817-1860), Cynthia Dekle Warren (1819-?), John "Squire" Dekle, Theresa Dekle Bird (1823-1896), Nancy Dekle Brown (1825-1909).

160. JOHN LEONARD DEKLE Sr. was born about 1737 in Hanover,Germany. He died on 8 Jan 1828 in Thomas Co.,Ga..
161. SALLIE GRISSOM was born in 1740 in Wales. She died on 25 Jan 1826 in Effingham Co or Thomas Co.,Ga

Children of John and Sallie Dekle were Charles Dekle (1775-1830), George Dekle, Mary Dekle Durden (1784-1855), Susannah Deakle Miller (1786-1870), Thomas Dekle (1791-1848), Sophia Dekle Horn (1792-1836), William Grissom Dekle (1796-1841), John Leonard Dekle, Jr. (1798-1860).

320. CHARLES C. DECKEL was born in 1686/1715 in Germany.

Charles C. Deckel, Baron, is the fathest known ancestor. George Deckel is in my database from years ago, before I learned to SOURCE. Oh my goodness, let that be the first lesson anyone ever learns - Source, Source Everything.

What I have from the Dekle Family genealogy (a site that no longer exists and I have no further contact information because, again, this was before I wrote it all down):

"In Germany in the 18th century, there was a Baron named Charles C. Deckel (Baron Von Deckel) who lived in the city of Hanover. Baron Von Deckel served during the rule of Charles VI (1711-1740). Charles VI wasa son of Leopold I who was the ruler of Germany from 1658 to 1705.Another son of Leopold was Joseph I who was the ruler from 1705 to 1711.This Baron Von Deckel was the father of Charles and John Deckel. When the sons, Charles and John, were nearing manhood, they were faced with the ordeal of going through the severely harsh military training program that all German youths of that era were put through. The survivors of the program were the survival of the fittest, so to speak. Sons Charles and John, with a cousin Friedrich, all with the name of Deckel, decided that they didn't want any part of the military training and left Hanover.They stowed away aboard a sailing ship and eventually arrived in the Harbor at Savannah, Ga. Shortly afterwards, they jumped ship and escaped to the countryside. After gaining the safety of the countryside, Charles and Friedrich decided they wanted to go north, which they did. John chose to remain in the south and settled in Effingham County near Savannah. In the 1790 census of Chester County, PA (West Chester, Pa., is the county seat), Friedrich Deckel is listed as head of family. Nothing has been learned to date about what happened to Charles Deckel."

If you are a Dekle family member or have any information on this family, please leave me a comment!