Monday, November 19, 2012

It's a Small World

Just a personal story to share....

I teach classes online to national organizations. I'm always interested to speak to people from other areas, and I'm good at hearing accents (especially being from North Carolina).
So when I was talking to an organization in Wyoming, I knew this woman was from North Carolina, and more specifically, the Piedmont area.

When the training was over I had to ask.... "Are you originally from Wyoming?"
"No, I'm from North Carolina" Nailed it! "from Greenville, actually from a small town called Kinston"

My immediate response... "oh yes, I know Kinston. My whole family is from that area, am related to the Kilpatricks and Mewborns and Webbs"

Small gasp. "My aunt married a Webb"

And so it was that on a random training last week, me in Oregon and a woman in Wyoming, we realized that we were related. Not directly, her aunt married a Webb. But I have her aunt & the Webb uncle in my database.

It's a small small world.