Monday, January 17, 2011

Ancestor Approved

Tonight I must share my humble thanks at being "Ancestor Approved"! Yay!

I was awarded this from Susan Edminster of Echo Hill Ancestors, a blog I have been following for some time and greatly enjoy! The award was created by Leslie Ann Ballou of Ancestors Live Here to recognize “blogs full of tips and tricks as well as funny and heartwarming stories…”

I know that Sue at Echo Hill fulfills this, and I am slowly attempting to myself, in this blog, not only showcase my own family history, but some stumbles and leaps I've encountered along the way.

To participate you must list 10 things that surprised, humbled or enlightened you about your ancestors.
And of course, to pass along to 10 other bloggers out there. I am working on this part and will have a "Part II" updated soon.

For tonight, my 10 surprises, humbling and enlightening experiences (phew, where to start?!):

1. The LOOPS family, as is my surname and for most of us, where our research begins, started as a "you and your brothers are the only Loops out there" statement. And how even in the beginning's of the internet (way before Rootsweb and the LDS websites) proved nearly instantly that this was not the case. Surprise! There is family out there!

2. That our LOOPS came from a family who died on the ship's crossing from Germany, leaving two young boys who DID NOT KNOW THEIR NAME, and were separated when arriving. It was assumed by all current generations that they never found each other.

3. My recent (gulp) discovery, when finding the First and Only known picture of my ggGrandfather Frederick Loops, has the "Loops, Milwaukee Wisconsin" logo on his picture. Meaning it was taken at his BROTHER's, Charles Loops, photography studio in Milwaukee. Not only did they find each other, but they met....and Frederick, his son Charles (Charles the first) and Charles' daughter Georgebelle all ventured from North Carolina to visit this "other" Loops family in Wisconsin.
How sad that this information gets lost in just a generation. And how wonderful to finally discover! (tears)

4. I am consistently humbled and fascinated by researching the LOVEALL family, and that, to date, I have yet to find a LOVEALL that is not descended from Henry Loveall, 1694-1786. We are all connected. This is an amazing family to research.

5. In a sappy, sentimental nod, I LOVE that my family has endowed me "Family Historian", not just in that I'm the only who really Does this research and knows all the lines, but that they have enlisted me to be the physical keeper of the family photographs and sentiments. Boxes just keep arriving. And each new box brings a new set of adventures and explorations - and a whole new set of tears.

6. My sons' family is a new and I foresee, lasting research project into OLD AMERICANA. It seems that each new name into Dean, Haskell, Hathway, White, Hammond, etc., leads me down another path to American generations of Salem and Plymouth. These make me want to read every historical novel and watch old movies to get a visual glimpse into the garb, the language, the religion, the life that these original American settlers had.

7. Humbling that there are still so many road-blocks. I still do not know the heritage of my YOUNG family, or the correct origins of the WEBBs. I love the challenge of still having something to "research", but that it makes you want to pull your hair out.

8. Not a surprise, but I am continually impressed with my Great-Uncle Art Young, and the name that he has provided to Bow-Hunting in America. If you are a bow-hunter, you know Pope-Young. That's Art! He led an amazing life. You can read more about his adventures here.

9. As I dive more into my North Carolina roots, even though I no longer live in North Carolina, I feel more and more connected to the families of Kinston, Lenoir County, where Frederick LOOPS settled; who's daughter Lelia married a MEWBORN; who's son Charles married a WEBB, who's mother was a PITTMAN. The history books of the area tell of these families, families of whom I am all a part of. And it makes me want to return, visit, learn, and give a few hugs.

10. Impending surprise of DNA research out there, and a lil lady who believes she might be a descendant of our Frederick LOOPS and we shall have the DNA results soon to show whether or not this possibility. That DNA research is even possible in calculating genealogical history is certainly the newest of all research out there. What will this possibly mean in the future, I wonder?

There you have it, for tonight. 10 wonderments that have crossed my path in this wonderful adventure. Thank you again, Sue, for the honor. I shall pass it along!

~happy huntings,